Skydot Infotech, since 2013 the very beginning has been at the fore front of delivering superlative performance. Our performance distinctiveness is uniquely defined by our work culture and everything we do. Our culture begins with our four values that drive everything we do – Trust, Integrity, Innovation and Involvement.

What we done in Online Internet Marketing | Social Media Marketing

  • Campaign Development
  • Social Media Content
  • Branding
  • Posting (4-6 Post per Week)
  • Page Traffic Analysis
  • Email to 1000 clients per day in you region Business Group.
  • We create Banners.
  • We create clip video of services and products for posting to You Tube.
  • We send Video Email to clients.
  • Smart Audience Targeting.

Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Lists: Your Gateway to a New Audience From Skydot of the business world to one person start-ups every day more an more companies are finding that email marketing is a great way to directly communicate with prospective new customers.

We Market on 600 Million World wide Email Database

  • Email is less costly and labour intensive than traditional forms of direct marketing – there are no printers or franking machines and no need for envelope stuffing.
  • Email allows you to monitor responses and click-throughs to accurately track the success of your campaigns.
  • Emails reach your target audience almost as soon as they’re sent so you can carefully plan around events and promotions, instantly reaping the rewards of your marketing spend.
  • Most people check their emails everyday and a significant portion check several times a day.
  • Email lists are easier to collect and manage than direct mail lists and open up a vast number of potential new customers.
  • Using targeted, up to date email lists ensures that your message is being presented only to those who may have an interest in your products and services, reducing the chance of your emails being overlooked or discarded.
  • Using a list compiled according to industry best practice ensures that the people you’re emailing have given their permission for you to contact them and lessens the danger that your messages will be reported as spam.
  • Business Lists Don’t adopt a scatter gun approach – use a supplier who can provide an email marketing list tailored to your needs. Select lists with email addresses for specific job titles, company activity, location, company size etc. Be sure that the contact details have been screened recently and that there are no duplicates or duds.
  • Consumer Lists Get email data for consumers with particular purchasing behaviour, hobbies or interests to widen your potential client base and make the most of your marketing investment. Be confident that the emails provided are for consumers who have willingly given their details and registered interest.

We send 1000 Emails daily or more Email which you want from Business Group or Consumer Group every month as per your requirements. (Database Charges and Email Charges you have to pay separately)

  • EMAILS PER MONTH 40,000 $30/mo
  • EMAILS PER MONTH 100,000 $50/mo