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Software  Esp. for Apparels, Footwear, Ready made Garments retail showrooms to manage their stock Size / Color / Article wise. No need to purchase separate bar-code printer to print tags



Mechanism of Retail Software especially designed to work as an organization to create a brand with sytematic approach. Develop long term customer relationship with features like "reminder-setup (Auto SMS Technique)" Which makes both customers and business HAPPY.


During development of Penny Software, our team mainly focused on costing point. Using Penny, You don't have any need to purchase separate Barcode Printer for printing barcode tags. With Hi End techniques Penny's tags are more than 98% cheaper. Saving your money.


Penny handles stock Item wise, Article wise, Size Wise, Color Wise. Which is very important for success of any organization. Penny's high end financial reports like Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss, Cash Book, Bank Book, Stock Summary etc. makes it a successful financial consultant.

Body Guard...!

This Software helps control leakage of stock, alteration/deletion of entries. In addition wonderful feature of Theft Control keeps a check over returning unsold items. That means you can rely over the loyalty of your faithful staff. In this way Penny protects and automates any organization

Main Attraction of Software

No Need to purchase Separate Barcode Printer


In a retail showroom “Cost of Barcode Printing” is a major factor in software budget of businessman. He needs to purchase separate printer to print Barcode tags for each item along with printer for billing purpose. Barcode printer costs between Rs. 15,000 to 20,000. Secondly each barcode tag costs appx Rs. 1.00 for each item. It increases his one time and recurring budget of shop. Using “Penny” software, we can use our laser printer to print both Barcode Tags and bills using A4 Sticker sheet. On one sheet we can print appx 30 – 50 barcodes (depending upon our sticker size). In this way barcode tag printing cost reduces to 1.5 to 2.00 Paisa per tag (98% saving). You do not need to purchase separate printer for barcode labels (100% saving).

Import Data From Excel Sheet that comes from vendor

In Readymade garments stores, items are managed under different article numbers, different sizes & different colors. In retail showrooms while entering purchase entry, every item has to be mentioned with its Article No., Size and Color and due to heavy rush of customers, it is not feasible to input each item’s details. Using “Penny” Software, we can import Purchase entry from excel sheet that comes from your vendor. We can import or export Penny’s items and Accounts masters to excel . Penny Support all export formats like Excel, pdf, word, html, rtf etc. That means you can print of mail the sales invoice to your customer or export the invoice so that your customer may import in his Penny Software. It saves a lot of your valuable time.

Now Manage Your Business and Private Accounts Safely

While talking about accounting & Inventory software, every businessman wish to manage his personal and business accounts together for a complete view of his business, Stock & financials. Using Penny we can manage Personal accounts very safely along with our regular business accounts simultaneously. Which helps us control our leakage of stock, accounts and keep total control over our business. Penny software especially designed keeping in mind the businessman who wish to do their billing by their staff. They require a fool proof system to control their business. Theft control feature of Penny enables the businessman to keep a check over returning unsold items, keeping your business in safe hands and saving your hard earned money


Easy - Simplicity of Software

No need to Learn any accounts or computers. Easiness and user friendly environment of Software. Just 10 minute requires to computerize any organization


Decide yourself who can View or edit or delete the entries Define User rights, Keep Check over theft, Authorization power to operate penny software under complete super vision of administrator

SMS Integration

Send instant SMS to client from any kind of voucher punching.

Touch Screen

We update WordPress core and plugins to keep your site protected.


Routine requirements of any business are very flexible to change Define own tax clause, change Bill no. & prefix of invoice, Bird's eye view reporting makes Penny hi-end professional ERP


Capable to handle huge rush of customers rapidly Easy Barcode based billing and fast data entry using excel in Just fill in blanks screens makes Penny the fastest software of the world

Email Integration

Send instant EMAIL to client from any kind of voucher printing formate on punching.

Customized Report

Cache content and filter malicious traffic before it hits your server.


Financial Accounts with inventory, Barcode Based Billing, easy Banking. Software integrate data at inventory to accounts level like automatic valuation of stock


Reduce your recurring cost of per tag printing and save your barcode printer. Use regular laser printer to print barcode tags without hassle to purchase separate printer for barcodes

Report Designer

Power Full Report Designer where you can Design Printing Style of your stationary.


You can reach our team at any time, day or night.


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Penny ERP for Garments Retail Stores to manage Billing, Accounts & Stock With Barcode Tags

Outlet Automationpage3-img2

Maintain Stock Under different Articles No.’s, Different Shades / Colors, Different Sizes are very Simple With Penny

Retail Outletspage3-img3

Tracking complicated Inventory With design no. & MRP on preprinted tags is now very easy Using Penny ERP


Maintain Item stock of tiles with batch No., Serial No., Shade along with all stock reports. Ready to reach to automation

Best Suitable in

Ultimate Designspage3-img5

Now Design any type of barcode labels without barcode printer. Use A4 Sticker sheet to print economical barcodes with your laser printer


10 Minutes Implementation time, User Friendliness & zero Training cost has made Penny world’s best software to open world class retail outlets


Automation of Stock With Design No., Lot & Shade Integrated with complete Financial Accounting / Billing is handled By Penny

Best Presentation & Controlling of stock in Gift houses & Toys Shops with improved billing speed using barcode scanner is a kid’s job with Penny

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