Question Paper Setter Software


Question Paper Setter Software is an excellent software application for education institutes for Question Paper Preparation and Question Bank Creation. The software has got the facility to create a question data bank for different subjects for various classes, question type wise.

While setting up Question Paper, chapters can be specified so that questions are selected from specific chapters.

Question papers, after creation can be exported to MS-Word. If any changes are to be made, it can be done and printouts can be taken.

Cover 6 to 10 Standards
Includes all subjects
Unit-Chapter wise papers
Save - Export in MS Word
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Changes - Editing in Questions
Auto & Manual Option
Jumbling of Questions
No Time Limit - Life Time
User Friendly Admin Panel
Generate paper with ease
Changes - Editing in Questions
All types of Question generation with marks

Our Management Team

  1. Step-1 : Download Paper Setter Demo
  2. Step 2  : Copy on D:\
    1. Extract here – file into D:\
    2. Password: 123 for unzip
  3. Step 3  Install fonts from font folder
  4. Step 4  Install papersetter demo from “setup demo” folder
  5. Step 5  Ready to go……… Find papersetter shortcut on desktop.
  6. Required Software:
    1. Access2007:             
    2. Dotnet 2.0:
    3. Dotnet 4.0: