OMR Software (Optical Mark Reader)


OMR Software And Its Uses

Reads or evaluate any kind of OMR sheet that you use. It may be admission form, test paper answer sheets, psychometric tests or survey/feedback forms. This software facilitates you with data collection, study tabulation, and testing of all kinds of data easily thereby, ensuring accuracy of the document. Our OMR software, Verificare is fast, easy to maintain, reliable and cost efficient. It helps you think over various parameter of analysis and provides results and reports according to your point of view.

Manually OMR Sheet checking is not only complicated but also raises the chances of human error.

So to overcome this problem and get rid from burden of omr sheet checking, you can go for a OMR Software

Thoroughly,  a person will spend about 10-15 minutes for checking a single answer sheet, it means just 6-8 omr sheets per hour. But believe it or not, an OMR Software can check atleast 50-60 omr sheets per minute. So you can easily understand, the importance of OMR Software.

In this tutorial, i will show you, how OMR Software makes omr sheet checking process easy with 100% Accuracy.


Why our OMR Software is best in market

No need to use designing software for OMR design / Design your own OMR.
Reads traditional OMR and all types of OMR sheets
Supports unlimited no. of sets.
Use normal printer to print OMR sheets.
Any scanner flatbed/MFP/ADF to scan the OMR sheets
Re-read faulty files
Speed Booster reads 10 times faster
Data reading 100% accurate
Analysis on forefront
Artificial Intelligence Anti-cheat detection and Wrong ans key detection
Inbuild Scanning and reading
Identification of Mandatory fields