Complete Courier Agency Information

To Print on Bills, Receipts, Ledgers and other reports


Create Rate Zones / Regions as per company rates policy

Zone means group of cities / states or region for which different rates are charged from customer

For Example if we charge same rate from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan customers then we create its zone


Create List of Cities under different zones

Software will automatically pick rates as per linked zones as and when we enter consignments of particular city



Import List of Cities From Excel File

Sample File �City Data Import.xls� given in Software Folder



Easily create Accounts of your customers

Input all the details like address, contact no., Birthday, Anniversary and bank information




Manage Service Types that you offer to your customer

In Courier Business, different quality services are provided to customers Like Parcel, Super Service, Priority Service, City Plus etc. �


Define yourself list of services offered by your courier company


Setup Additional Weight Setting Master


Set up Rates Customer Wise

Means we can quote different rate to different customers very easily


Define Common Rate List and Particular Customer Rate List

Very easy to setup your Rate list, Just in a few minutes

Choose Customer Name, Service Type, Rate Zone and Weight Slab


Let�s Say For Example Rate List for Priority Service in Delhi is

Weight Slab Rate
0.001 Kg. to 0.100 Kg. Rs. 30/-
0.101 Kg. to 0.250 Kg. Rs. 50/-
0.251 Kg. to 0.500 Kg. Rs. 60/-
0.501 Kg.� to 1000 Kg Rs. 20/- For Each Additional 500 Gm.


e.g.� Illustration

Weight� = 2 Kg

Upto 500 Gm. ���� = ������ Rs.� 60/-

+ Remaining 1.5 kg = (500 gm x 3)� = Rs. 20 x 3 �������� =������� Rs. 60/=

Total Charges = Rs. 120/-



Easily Define Rates for various Services and Weight Slabs



Copy Rate List From One Party to Another

No need to waste your valuable time sweating over creating rate lists for each party. Just Copy-Copy-Copy..



Consignment Entry :� Fast� :� Robust� :� Easy

In consignment Entry, we can easily enter daily customer wise consignments.

Just 10 minutes work every day and your all consignments are done

Use Barcode Scanner or Keyboard to input Consignment No.

Track Billed or Unbilled Consignments very easily





Import Existing Consignments from Excel

If you are already using excel to maintain consignments, import it very easily at a single click


Sample Data format = �Consignments Data Import.xls� file available in your software Folder

Just Input your existing data in this and import in Bellboy



Make Accurate Bills at a single Click

Track Created / Pending Bills

Just single click on Make Button and see your Bill is ready


No need to waste you valuable time creating Bills

Define Other Charges Like �Fuel Surcharge�


Attractive Bill Formats

Apply Colors, Lines, Logos, Fonts to beautify your Bill Design


Consignment Book

Color Difference shows which consignment completed in bill or which are pending for bill



Date to date Filter your Consignment Book

Means you can see how many consignments booked within date range


Filter your consignment records By Consignment No., Customer Name,� City, Mobile no. Remarks, State Etc.


Quick Reciepts / Payments

Money taken from customer enter very easily without any knowledge of Accounts or computers

Print Voucher, Cheques




Auto Accounting

All Accounting Reports Like Ledger, Day book, Cash Book, Group Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet