Why Transport Managment Software ?

  • Transport software with Accounting Facility that is easy to use and flexible.
  • Aimed at Cargo, Full Load, Logistic Transport, Fleet Owner & Transport Contractors
  • You Don’t have to understand Complex Transport Terms. Work faster, Can Work from any where and save time
  • Anytime Client Can upgrade software Offline to Our Online Version
  • Scalable from Small Transportes to Large Transpoters

Logistic Transport Software

  • Maintain Godown stock,Inward Godown stock, Trip Entry, L.H.C. Register
  • L.R. Print Desing As Per Your RequirmentsService Tax Reports
  • Trip Maintance, Truck Avarage, Truck Insurance Reminders, Diesel Expanse Entry
  • Price List, T.B.B., Tranport Bill, Supplementary Bill
  • Delivery Of LR, Crosssing, Kasar, Hamali Charges

Fleet Owners & Transport Contractors

  • Full Load / Part Load Entry Option
  • Customized Screen Option In Full Load Entry
  • Auto Account Effect in Every Option
  • Track Owner, Truck Driver, Transporters, Party Managment
  • Loading-Unloading, Shortage, Party and Transport Rate Option
  • Expanse entry Per Trip Wise

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Fleet Owners & Transport Contractors

Download Accounting Software Brochure


Desktop Accounting Software Starts from only Rs. 9,999/-


SMS Integration

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Customized Report

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Report Designer

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